Mozgostroje are a research blog about Psychology, Cognitive Science and Statistics.

Mozgostroje are written by Matus Simkovic who is currently a graduate student at University Cologne, Germany.

Mozgostroje is pronounced moss-gho-straw-yeah! The word's meaning is a mystery. Though it has been revealed that the word is a plural form. Therefore Mozgostroje are a blog.

Mozgostroje are written in Ipython Notebook. Ipython Notebooks make it easy to write Markdown text with \(\LaTeX\) math and to include executable (python) code. Graphs, images and even animations are seamlessly embedded into a post.

In [4]:
%pylab inline
Populating the interactive namespace from numpy and matplotlib

Ipython Notebooks provide perfect environment for quick and easy, yet extremely flexible scientific blogging.

Mozgostroje are built with Jekyll and hosted on Github pages. The blog's Github repository is here. You can download and run the Ipython Notebooks that were used to generate the blog posts from the Github repository.